Esma Azzouz is a contemporary fashion designer and founder of the high-end womenswear brand MAISON AZZURA with the headquarter based in Amsterdam. 

With a degree in Business and Fashion at hand, while being in a fast-paced and evolving environment and guided by her entrepreneurial spirit as well as passion for the fashion Industry, Esma launched her own business in 2020. She built a team of dedicated professionals in the Industry, such as established artisans who practice their craft for many years. Maison Azzura is entering its second year and Esma is driving her brand forward in bespoke international directions, aiming for the highest. 

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Esma's Moroccan heritage is no less important to her and her designs. She believes that being grounded in your roots is important to self-identity. As someone who loves to dream, her inspiration is never ending - mainly she finds it in traveling and arts. Each design has its own story that is translated in the garments. This long thought process eventually results in a collection. 

While living in Paris, the city Esma considers her second home, she took the first steps in realizing her dream of creating her own fashion brand, though it wasn't until she moved back to Amsterdam that her vision took shape and she knew exactly the direction she aims for. Honoring both the French heritage as well her family name, she founded MAISON AZZURA in 2020. 

MAISON AZZURA has since been known for its fearless, yet clean silhouettes and contemporary detailing of ready-to-wear and couture pieces. The designs are
a reinterpretation of the classic feminine tailoring, which translates into a chic, sophisticated and timeless aesthetic. While made for a luxurious lifestyle and maintaining the perfect fit, these garments still promote comfort. 

MAISON AZZURA ensures the high quality it stands for by using premium materials and techniques. Working with established Parisian fabric houses that have been in the Industry for more than two centuries, the exclusiveness and best quality of fabrics can be guaranteed. In turn, these luxurious materials are used
to construct each design entirely by hand - including the detailing, beadings and finishes, all thanks to French craftsmanship. 

Esma was able to build MAISON AZZURA from the ground up and grow it into a luxury high-end womenswear brand, launching its Fall/Winter 2022 collection in September 2022: NOUVEAU DÉPART - a tribute to Paris.